kalonji – nigella sativa – black seed

Nigella sativa or as it is known in the east Kalonji or black seed has many health benefits.  It has been used for over 2000 years in the Middle and Far East for many illnesses. This herbal plant is used worldwide and possesses various chemical constituents such as carvacrol, thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, dithymoquinone, thymol, nigellicine, nigellicine, nigllimine, nigellidine, and alphahederin. More than than 100 constituents have been isolated from this herbal plant. These chemical compounds have many pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, antioxidant properties, antiviral, antiinflammatory and wound healing.

PLEASE NOTE WHEN BUYING BLACK SEED OIL MAKE SURE THERE IS NOTHING IN IT – as many people sell saying high strength, medium strength and original – no idea just check it is 100% oil – the one we sell is cold pressed and nothing added.

Black seed oil boasts some impressive, well-researched benefits, including being considered anti diabetic, an antioxidant, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti‐inflammatory, a bronchodilator, antihypertensive & neuroprotective. Black seed oil impacts both immune system & inflammatory pathways.

Black seed oil naturally contains beneficial fatty acids like omega-3, 6,& 9, plus potassium, iron, copper, vitamins E and B.

Thymoquinone, an active ingredient in black seed can stick to the C0V!D spike protein and stop the virus from causing a lung infection.  Know it works as my brother has had his second booster and once again – every time he gets one of these jabs he gets a really bad chest infection – got a chest infection very bad we gave him 3 tspns per day of black seed oil and after the first day felt a difference and it kept on getting better. 

The famous book of medicine by Ibn-Sina “The cannon of medicine” by Ibn-Sina mentions that black seeds stimulate the body’s energy and helps in recovery from fatigue. Its seeds are said to heal almost everything except death from a hadith by  prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  In Arabic it is called Habbat ak-Barkah which means the seeds of blessings.

We recommend when it is bad your chest injection, with bad cough and sore throat – take 3 teaspoons a day for two weeks, then 2 teaspoons a day for 2 weeks then continue with just 1 teaspoon per day.  Don’t forget  to also take the same amount in teaspoons of raw honey with it.

For everyone else whether jabbed or not to take 1 teaspoon of black seed/kalonji/nigella sativa oil + 1 teaspoon of raw honey every day as a precaution.

Children should take 1 to 3 drops per day depending on age youngest 1 drop older ie 9 years upwards 3 drops.

It has shown that taking this oil and raw honey daily shows an improvement of asthma after a month.