honeycomb and honey cappings for troubled breathing

Had a call over a week ago from someone in Bolton saying that his uncle had suddenly got trouble breathing and was being admitted to hospital and would be put onto oxygen.  He was worried that once on oxygen he may end up on a ventilator – tested negative for covid – so advised to take either honeycomb or honey cappings.  He asked which was stronger so advised that start off with honey cappings and then continue with honeycomb once finished as the cappings are much stronger and honeycomb continues the healing.  He bought the cappings for his uncle and sent to him in hospital, family are allowed to send food and other things for their family member in hospital but not allowed to visit.  His uncle took the cappings 1/2 teaspoon in his mouth at night and kept it in his mouth without chewing just sucking for half an hour then put the wax in the bin and repeated this next morning.  He is now out of hospital after one week and breathing better but will continue the cappings compared to others who went in at same time as him with same problem and still in. That does not mean that it helps every breathing difficulty problem but does help most as it has honey in it which is antibiotic and antibacterial.

Honeycomb and honey cappings are good for those with asthma, pneumonia and other chest (lung) problems and by keeping the wax in your mouth for half an hour by sucking or chewing brings out all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and healing properties from deep inside the wax. It works similar to homeopathic pills where you need to keep the pill at the tip of your tongue until it melts and the wax is in your mouth for half an hour and often on the tip of your tongue unknowingly.

As soon as you start to get breathing problems immediately start on honeycomb or honey cappings to try to avoid going into hospital especially at this time of uncertainty.  Though remember to contact your doctor to advise of your problem.

Honeycomb and Cappings

Bee Beards

Who knew there was such a thing as a bee beard!

Some honey vendors round about 1830s started sporting “bee beards” to draw attention to their honey and bee products. Honey beards are made by holding a caged queen bee beneath the chin this allows the bees to cluster across the face. This is still fashionable to date and there is a competition held in Ontario, Canada, each year to create the most impressive bee beard.
Not sure if i would like to do that but certainly interesting and brave of those who do this.

Ginger Shots

Last month we decided to make ginger shots for those who don’t really like honey and need to boost their immunity and also for those who have a sore throat.  We have three varieties original, with kalonji powder and our third with kalonji and black pepper.  All three have their unique taste and all hit the back of your throat.  Ginger and lemon have always been used for centuries with honey as a cold and flu remedy and as we are in that season decided we will make our own remedy used by ourselves and family and friends.

Two days ago we received two calls from two different customers saying that they had had a sore throat and had taken the ginger shot before going to bed and when asked how much they said 1 tablespoon.  They said it hit the back of their throat and by the way it was delicious and when they woke in the morning their sore throat was gone. Woohoo that is great news to hear.  Advised them to take it for another three or four days and once the jar is open to put into the fridge or in a cold cupboard the jar of ginger shots will last 6 months.

As the honey has lemon juice and ginger in it needs to kept in a cold dark cupboard or fridge – this is the only time honey should be kept in a fridge.

honey for coughs study

Just read the following headline “Honey found to be a better treatment for upper respiratory tract infections than traditional remedies” three doctors studied experiments using #rawhoney and looked at data from 14 clinical trials involving 1,761 patients.  What they found was that honey out performed prescribed antibiotics, over the counter and sinus medicines. Also many medicines don’t really work on viruses but rather bacteria and guess what honey is good treatment for both viruses and bacterial infections and it is natural. We have been reporting exactly this that for the last few years doctors and others have returned back to  honey when their patients did not respond to conventional medicine and honey was the only element that cured those who were resistant to antiobotics etc.
Not only that so many people because of conventional medicine overuse have become resistant to the medicines and the three doctors found that honey proved to be the best therapy among all of those tested. Also raw honey proved that it was more effective in treating coughing  by 36% and reducing the severity of coughing by 44% plus it also led to a reduction in average duration of by two days.
For thousands of years people have been using raw honey to treat coughs, colds, flus and other diseases and many people nowadays wont believe until they see that there has been a study done by conventional scientists or doctors.  Of course this used to make me angry until i realised that i know honey works and just let it go and let people try themselves.

Honey and cardamom recipe

Did you know that cardamom is very effective in treating stress and depression? Cardamom plant grows in clumps up to 4 metres in height and it produces pods after 2 years of planting.



1 cup of water put into a pan

1 crushed cardamom pod (take seeds out of the pod and crush ) put into the pan of water

boil on low heat

Drink ONLY once a day lukewarm with 1 teaspoon of raw honey

dogs and honey who knew

One of my clients mentioned to me the other day that she hated honey and i wondered why she kept buying it regularly. So i asked her “You do not like honey but regularly buy”. In which she replied “it keeps my dogs healthy and when they are not well I make a decoction of herbs and honey for them to eat 1 teapoon a day to prevent viral and bacterial infections.”

Wow as this is the same for humans take 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of honey every day and it keeps us all healthy and your dogs too who knew.

Antiviral recipe below for dogs but this can also be used by humans:

4 tablespoons of dried thyme

4 tablespoons of dried Lemon Balm

4 tablespoon of dried oregano

4 tablespoons of dried lavender

4 tablespoons of dried dandelion

4 tablespoons of dried elderberry

Mix well together and put into an empty sterile jar. Add #rawhoney and close lid tightly and shake until well mixed. Put in a dry warm cupboard for two weeks. Filter it via cheesecloth or coffee filter into another empty sterile jar so that only honey is in it and not the herbs. Store in a warm cupboard and give 1 teaspoon a day to your dog. Can also be consumed by humans same amount 1 teaspoon a day. Don’t throw away the herbs they can be used in cooking put into a sterile jar and keep in fridge until used.