Honey and cardamom recipe

Did you know that cardamom is very effective in treating stress and depression? Cardamom plant grows in clumps up to 4 metres in height and it produces pods after 2 years of planting.



1 cup of water put into a pan

1 crushed cardamom pod (take seeds out of the pod and crush ) put into the pan of water

boil on low heat

Drink ONLY once a day lukewarm with 1 teaspoon of raw honey

dogs and honey who knew

One of my clients mentioned to me the other day that she hated honey and i wondered why she kept buying it regularly. So i asked her “You do not like honey but regularly buy”. In which she replied “it keeps my dogs healthy and when they are not well I make a decoction of herbs and honey for them to eat 1 teapoon a day to prevent viral and bacterial infections.”

Wow as this is the same for humans take 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of honey every day and it keeps us all healthy and your dogs too who knew.

Antiviral recipe below for dogs but this can also be used by humans:

4 tablespoons of dried thyme

4 tablespoons of dried Lemon Balm

4 tablespoon of dried oregano

4 tablespoons of dried lavender

4 tablespoons of dried dandelion

4 tablespoons of dried elderberry

Mix well together and put into an empty sterile jar. Add #rawhoney and close lid tightly and shake until well mixed. Put in a dry warm cupboard for two weeks. Filter it via cheesecloth or coffee filter into another empty sterile jar so that only honey is in it and not the herbs. Store in a warm cupboard and give 1 teaspoon a day to your dog. Can also be consumed by humans same amount 1 teaspoon a day. Don’t throw away the herbs they can be used in cooking put into a sterile jar and keep in fridge until used.

honey only food that sustains life

#rawhoney is rich in Vitamins and minerals as it has Vitamin B5, B2, B1, Iron, vitamin C, water, enzymes and calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals too depending on the type of honey and these are the basics that the body needs to stay healthy. Honey also contains pinocembrin, an antioxidant associated with improving brain functioning.

The honey bee collects flower nectar in its mouth. The nectar then mixes with special enzymes in the bee’s saliva, and this process turns it into honey. The bee then carries the honey back to the hive where it is deposited into the cells of the hive’s walls. The bees in the hive then flutter their wings which provides the necessary ventilation to reduce the moisture content so that is is ready to eat.

honey in fridges yes or no

Personally never put honey into fridges as honey is made in the warm months and eaten by the bees to survive over the winter. When honey is put into the fridge it crystallises and becomes quite hard to take out of the pot. Best place to put honey in a cupboard away from the sun.

One of our clients mentioned the other day they kept all their honey in the fridge and found it hard to take out as it had set very hard and was thinking of throwing it away. Advised to put into a dry cupboard and it will slowly start softening or put onto top of her heater for a few hours as the temperature would not be more than 20 degrees celsius as she has her heater in the house set to 20 degrees celsius. Never put into the microwave as all the goodness will be heated away.

Make sure your jar is on tight otherwise moisture may enter and your honey may ferment.

Remember honey will be stable for years, decades and even centuries, even if there is a best by date unlike other foodstuffs it lasts and lasts and lasts.

regular intake of raw honey

One of my clients came in to buy more honey and we noticed that she was speaking without a blocked nose and no runny nose. We have known her for several years and only in late spring of 2019 she started to buy our chestnut honey and was taking as advised 2 tspns with warm water early in the morning and not eating or drinking anything else for at least an hour. She said that taking the chestnut honey every day like this since last spring her problems which she had had for over 40 years were gone. She noticed during the lockdown that she no longer had a runny or blocked nose and even her husband noticed.

It does take several months to about 7 to 9 months to see results with regular intake of raw honey. Though she did say there were a few days she didnt take cos she was busy otherwise she was regular in taking her honey. She has now bought raw chestnut and raw honeydew forest for herself and for her friends to try who have similar problems and has persuaded her sister also to take.

She also found that she has more energy than she had before.

Just two teaspoons of regular honey every day with warm water on an empty stomach helps with allergies and other symptoms when taken constantly on a long term.

Boost your immunity in these trying times

some remedies below to boost your immunity and help rebuild it if you are not well and if you are well good idea to build it up better.

1 tsp honey + 1/8tsp black pepper powder + 1/8tspn of kalonji powder (make your own powder) – mix well and take several times a day. Honey has many natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins to build immunity, black pepper is a natural anti-inflammatory and kalonji, Nigella sativa, which has a high antioxidant content and is anti-inflammatory. Very good when having sore throats and chesty problems. Take six times a day (divide it equally throughout the day) if you have coronavirus otherwise if going out twice a day and not going out once a day.

drink lots of warm lemon and honey water with or without fresh ginger – we have been drinking warm lemon water in place of cold water and sometimes adding a few drops of honey when warm or mixing lemon juice with hot water and fresh ginger then using that as a tisane to make very warm tea and adding warm water and some honey in place of tea.

boil 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds with two cups water and 1/4 of a 1cm stick of licorice root boil for 5 to 7 minutes and drink very warm with honey (as it is bitter otherwise). Good remedy for coughs and to get rid of gunge in you chest – take 3-4 half cups a day for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

as soon as you feel a sore throat start in the morning with 1 tsp honey cappings and chew for 30 minutes then take 1 tsp honey with black pepper and kalonji and eat and drink nothing 45min. Drink lots of warm lemon and honey water with/without fresh ginger and at lunch time another tsp of honey with black pepper and kalonji and before sleeping chew 1 tsp honey cappings for half an hour then before sleeping another tsp of honey with black pepper and kalonji. Repeat for several days