vitamin d, c, zinc, cod liver oil and b complex and raw honey

We have all been taking the following daily not in a multivitamin but separately first thing in the morning since the start of the pandemic – these boost your body against colds/flus etc – just remember anyone gets ill just after taking them may already be sick without and this will help and build up immunity:

vitamin C

Vitamin D


B complex

Cod liver oil – vegetarian capsules 1000mg 1 a day it is very good we buy from boots buy two get one free and much cheaper than other places just as good we buy the vegetarian capsules cos the beef capsules are contaminated with pork.

nigella sativa – either a large pinch in tsp of honey or 1/4tsp organic oil

and raw honey every morning Alhumdullilah we have not had a cold or flu since start of the lockdowns until now – we pray we do not get anything.

New study just came out that Vitamin D stops corona in 33% of people though would say higher which is interesting as all were told not to take it as it did not work.

Raw honey definitely builds immunity in the long term especially when taken first thing in the morning.

What we have noticed is that as soon as we have a wee cough mum and I immediately take our ginger shot safely stored in the fridge (remember that is the only time honey should be in a fridge) a tablespoon and the cough disappears next day Alhumdullilah.