Take 1/2cm of honeycomb or honey cappings and chew for half an hour like chewing gum- keep chewing the wax even when the taste has gone and after half an hour spit it out.  Take once a day every day for a year and the asthma will diminish considerably.

Strengthen receding gums

Take small sterile jar – to sterlise either boil for 5 minutes on high in water or put a clean jar into a warm oven and leave for 2hrs to sterlise – if the lid is metal also put into the oven to sterlise.

Mix equal amounts of raw honey and cinnamon powder and put into the jar.

At night after cleaning your teeth before going to bed take a pea-sized amount of the mixture and gently massage it into your gums back and front of teeth. Do not eat or drink anything and after a few months you will notice your gums growing back and healthier.

Health and immunity against many illnesses

Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil (kalonji) and a teaspoon of honey and take it first thing in the morning and eat nothing and drink nothing nor clean your teeth for one hour then eat breakfast


in a glass put juice of half a lemon, add warm water, 1 teaspoon of raw honey, large pinch of kalonji powder (best to powder yourself the seed) and drink first thing in the morning and eat nothing and drink nothing nor clean your teeth for one hour then eat breakfast.

Arthritis pain relief and raw honey

this is a long term remedy and can take a few weeks to kick in but once it does woohooo

mix 1 tsp #rawhoney with 1 tsp vinegar (apple cider is better) in warm water and drink. Take this twice a day for several weeks for it to start taking effect.

also soak a small muslin cloth in warm water then add 1/2tsp of #rawhoney on cloth and wrap around the pain on your joint and leave ONLY for 15 minutes not more than that at a time otherwise the healing power honey does not work if left too long. This may be done freshly several times a day if so wished but need to respect only to keep on each time 15min maximum. Do this for several months.

Cold Sores

As soon as you feel a cold sore coming on immediately put some raw honey in a small bowl and take several cotton tips and put one side in the honey and immediately put onto the cold sore. Gently put on and throw away the cotton tip and leave on as long as possible. Repeat every half an hour raw honey is known to kill the cold sore virus. Keep repeating for a day or two.

As plastics are bad for the environment please consider using cotton tips made from cotton and wood.