We have a lot of horseradish growing in the garden last year we dug up a huge amount and i thought ok that is it over and find out this year it has spread even more. So will be digging up and potting up who knew it grew just like a weed at least it is good healthy food.

What we have found is that horseradish grated fresh or dried horseradish eating a small raw amount about 5-10 grated strands, no cooking or pickling, we find best in some honey (cos it is so hot) daily or in a salad fights the spike protein from the jab from attacking the brain.

Horseradish is very high in dietary fibre as well as folate, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese. It also has other very useful organic chemicals, oils and enzymes such as glucosinolates which are known to help protect against cancer as well as compounds which are excellent natural antioxidants which can help stimulate improve the body’s white blood cell supply and protect everyone from illness.