cumin, turmeric and garlic with honey

cumin and turmeric are very good for the health in many ways.  Both are used for stress, memory loss, eliminating free radicals in the body and so much more. Those who have taken the jab and are not on blood thinners should be taking either one of the following herbs every day as they work with the blood to remove blood clots and keep your blood in good condition.

CUMIN – boil 1/2tsp cumin powder in a pot with a cup of water for 2 minutes then drink very warm with a spoon of honey daily 1 cup or add this water with cumin to a smoothie

TURMERIC – add 1 tspn of turmeric powder or 1cm fresh turmeric (grate) in a pot with a cup of milk and boil for a few minutes then drink very warm milk with a tspn of raw honey – only drink one cup a day best in the evening

GARLIC – mince a whole bulb of garlic (ie all the cloves) or liquidise add 1 tspn of honey and some water and drink must be taken raw not cooked – once a day only