coriander with honey

Coriander leaves (fresh) tastes lovely in salads and curry. We put into curry once it is cooked as a garnish and mix which gives curry a distinctive taste and also add to salads. Recently we have started to put the whole coriander including stalks and crushed with teaspoon of honey, half a lemon or lime including zests, olive oil 1 tsp and some sea salt and put on our salad or just eaten like that with some bread.  Sometimes we add other things just experimenting all the time.

Did you know that eating a large bunch of coriander leaves and stalk every day for one month will remove toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminium from your body? Though each person needs to eat that much for a month and what this does is that the coriander removes it from the organs and expels it out of your body via your urine.  Needs to be eaten raw and it removes these toxins from your brain, organs and other tissues.  Hurray for coriander.