450g Raw Thyme Honey   £15

Source: Spanish raw unblended honey

Light amber in colour, possesses a complex aroma that is a mix of herbs and flowers.

Good to have with meat, cheese or even substitute for sugar in sweet dishes.


Serves as strong antioxidant: Thyme honey rich in antioxidants exert defensive mechanism in the body. They bind to the oxidants released during various metabolic reactions and prevent them from converting in to free radicals responsible for cell damage.

Prevents progress of cancer: Regular consumption of thyme honey is found to prevent the progress of cancer related processes in endometrial cells, prostate cells and the breast cells. (“Food Chemistry” study 2009 on thyme honey (vol 116 issue 3)). One tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach three times a day and not eating or drinking for one hour afterwards.

Relieves sore throat  : The antibacterial action helps to relieve even the worst cases of sore throat.

Cures wounds: The anti bacterial and anti fungal properties make it a perfect cure for wounds. It even cures burns. It absorbs moisture from the wounded portion contributing to faster wound healing and prevention of bacterial infection.

Treats cases of food poisoning: The strong anti bacterial action prevents the growth of salmonella and E.coli, bacteria found in cases of food poisoning. Hence, serves as a remedy to treat food poisoning.

Anti-cholesterol property:   it is also rich in vitamins that support the metabolic reactions. Hence, it is attributed to have anti-cholesterol properties.

Good for skin  /  Helps Bronchitis   /  Stimulates digestive functions   /  Defensive Antioxidants