450g Raw Holme Oak Honey  £15

Source: Spanish raw unblended honey

High in antioxidants and rich in minerals

Helps improve brain function.

Oak honey aids the digestive process as it contains high levels of enzymes.

Oak honey comes from the acorns of the oak tree. The bees collect a sweet nectar that the acorns weep in July and August and create a unique type of honey. The bees directly collect the sweet fluid from the acorns. It tends to be less sweet but very potent.

It is very rich in minerals and contains very high levels of Potassium which makes it good friend for the heart.  The High levels of potassium included in dark honey uphold the heart’s normal function, reduce high blood pressure.

It is also a treatment for a number of chronic diseases such as kidney infections, throat and pharynx infections, and chest congestion as it rids of lung impurities

Source: Spanish raw unblended honey