Boosters and Busters

 Raw Honey with herbs for those who have had the jab- 450g – £18.50

ingredients – raw honey, fenugreek, fennel, cumin, nigela sativa, star anise

Take 1 teaspoon either first thing in the morning and eat and drink nothing for 45 minutes or 1 teaspoon before going to bed. Will need to take for a while helps those who are not feeling well from jab.

Ginger Shots – 215g – £10

ORIGINAL ingredients: raw honey, fresh ginger, fresh lemon juice, lemon zest


GINGER SHOTS – KALONJI ONLY – Ingredients: raw honey, fresh ginger, fresh lemon juice, nigella sativa, lemon zest

Boost your immune system with this delicious natural remedy.

Combines the natural healing properties of raw honey + anti-inflammatory properties of ginger + vitamin C from lemon + anti-bacterial properties of nigella sativa (kalonji) + anti-inflammation properties of black pepper and you have a natural remedy that has been used throughout the centuries as a natural healing remedy.  Together they are powerful in helping to overcome colds, flus and covid.

Raw Honey with added Kalonji powder already mixed in raw honey

Just need a teaspoon first thing in the morning


Please pick your raw honey