regular intake of raw honey

One of my clients came in to buy more honey and we noticed that she was speaking without a blocked nose and no runny nose. We have known her for several years and only in late spring of 2019 she started to buy our chestnut honey and was taking as advised 2 tspns with warm water early in the morning and not eating or drinking anything else for at least an hour. She said that taking the chestnut honey every day like this since last spring her problems which she had had for over 40 years were gone. She noticed during the lockdown that she no longer had a runny or blocked nose and even her husband noticed.

It does take several months to about 7 to 9 months to see results with regular intake of raw honey. Though she did say there were a few days she didnt take cos she was busy otherwise she was regular in taking her honey. She has now bought raw chestnut and raw honeydew forest for herself and for her friends to try who have similar problems and has persuaded her sister also to take.

She also found that she has more energy than she had before.

Just two teaspoons of regular honey every day with warm water on an empty stomach helps with allergies and other symptoms when taken constantly on a long term.