honey in fridges yes or no

Personally never put honey into fridges as honey is made in the warm months and eaten by the bees to survive over the winter. When honey is put into the fridge it crystallises and becomes quite hard to take out of the pot. Best place to put honey in a cupboard away from the sun.

One of our clients mentioned the other day they kept all their honey in the fridge and found it hard to take out as it had set very hard and was thinking of throwing it away. Advised to put into a dry cupboard and it will slowly start softening or put onto top of her heater for a few hours as the temperature would not be more than 20 degrees celsius as she has her heater in the house set to 20 degrees celsius. Never put into the microwave as all the goodness will be heated away.

Make sure your jar is on tight otherwise moisture may enter and your honey may ferment.

Remember honey will be stable for years, decades and even centuries, even if there is a best by date unlike other foodstuffs it lasts and lasts and lasts.