Boost your immunity in these trying times

some remedies below to boost your immunity and help rebuild it if you are not well and if you are well good idea to build it up better.

1 tsp honey + 1/8tsp black pepper powder (do NOT add black pepper if you have stomach problems) + 1/8tspn of kalonji powder (make your own powder) – mix well and take several times a day. Honey has many natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins to build immunity, black pepper is a natural anti-inflammatory and kalonji, Nigella sativa, which has a high antioxidant content and is anti-inflammatory. Very good when having sore throats and chesty problems. Take six times a day (divide it equally throughout the day) if you have coronavirus otherwise if going out twice a day and not going out once a day.

drink lots of warm lemon and honey water with or without fresh ginger – we have been drinking warm lemon water in place of cold water and sometimes adding a few drops of honey when warm or mixing lemon juice with hot water and fresh ginger then using that as a tisane to make very warm tea and adding warm water and some honey in place of tea.

For bad coughs use our ffenugreek and licorice teabags  – they are excellent for coughs and those who have high blood pressure just take out the licorice before boiling – one teabag lasts 4 days just add honey when taking 1/2 cup a day divided into 1/4 cups twice a day very warm as it is a bit bitter – it works.

as soon as you feel a sore throat start in the morning with 1 tsp honey cappings and chew for 30 minutes then take 1 tsp honey with black pepper and kalonji and eat and drink nothing 45min. Drink lots of warm lemon and honey water with/without fresh ginger and at lunch time another tsp of honey with black pepper and kalonji and before sleeping chew 1 tsp honey cappings for half an hour then before sleeping another tsp of honey with black pepper and kalonji. Repeat for several days