who knew that raw eucalyptus honey mixed with turmeric was good topically

A regular customer came in today and bought another jar of raw eucalyptus honey which she buys every few months. Curious i asked her why she only bought eucalyptus regularly compared to the raw chestnut honey she buys less often. She then replied that the eucalyptus raw honey we sold was the best honey she had tried on her face. She then mentioned that she had used other brand eucalyptus honey before but it had not worked as well as ours – woohoo hence her only now buying our raw honey.  She mixes a teaspoon of it with turmeric and put a small amount on her face every day.  That’s when i really looked at her face and realised that when she first bought the honey in March 2017 her face had a lot of spots many of which were dark and her face was now smoother and clearer. I asked her had she tasted the honey and she replied not really she used it for her skin only.  Though she does buy the chestnut honey every so often too as she finds it gives her a lot of energy and as it had iron found that it helped her a lot.

Had heard about the honey and turmeric before but for eating to help protect the liver, general health, aiding digestion and for lowering blood pressure but not as a face mask. But just looking at how good her face looked can see it really works topically too.

Great thing about honey certainly learn new things which work direct from my valuable customers.