honey tastings today at babylon supermarket, glasgow

Interesting three hours today standing inside the supermarket doing honey tastings of five of our raw honeys – eucalyptus, thyme, honeydew forest, chestnut and acacia.  These are the five Babylon Supermarket on commerce street wanted to try out. When asking people if they would like to taste many asked which is the best honey and my reply is always everyone has a different taste even within families and as i love all the honeys am unable to say which is more favourable than the other. Then each member of the family tastes and all of them like a different honey and that is where the debate starts which one to buy. Sometimes it is the younger ones who get their way sometimes the parents in which type of honey to buy. Definitely proves my point our taste buds are our own affair and what one person likes does not necessarily mean that another member of the family or friend may like it to – each to their own.

Was a good three hours discussing with customers the plight of bees worldwide, pesticides and different types of honey and their properties. Conclusion was that we are definitely harming our wildlife and planet and that with so many factors being blamed for honey decline we need to as citizens of the earth start taking more care. One family even said that they used pesticides in their garden and did not realise how bad they were especially when i explained to them that there is an 80% decline of the insects worldwide. Which is quite horrific if you think about it. The family said they would go back and get rid of their pesticides and also research and tell family and friends and look for ways to be more active in letting people know about the dangers and how to safe our planet.