sniffle season is upon us

Almost everyone am meeting is currently sneezing, coughing, both and/or sore throats. Had a really bad sore throat a few weeks ago – someone in the car did not say they had a sore throat and starting to sneeze so in a confined space got all the bugs and ended up with a sore throat, runny nose and fever a few days later. Should have started with honey and lemon immediately but did not think.

Squeezed three lemons into a mug added very warm water and two teaspoons of lavender honey and drank before going to bed. When i woke up in the middle of the night took a teaspoon of raspberry honey. In the morning took a teaspoon of thyme honey and ate nothing for 45 minutes nor drank anything. My throat felt so much better but was still niggling. So throughout the day took another two warm mugs of lemon and lavender honey and apple honey in second mug. Then before sleeping again took the lemon concoction cant remember which honey and everytime i woke took a teaspoon of honey. My sore throat was gone by end of the second day and no more runny nose.

Another person took turmeric and honey and swears by it for her sore throat have not tried this yet though did work for her.