Planting flowers in pots for bees

Often we dont have the luxury of a garden or large outdoor space don’t worry planting flowers in pots and putting outside on a balcony, large safe window ledge or somewhere outside when you don’t have a large garden or area to plant flowers can provide food for bees.  Remember single flowers are more useful for bees rather then double, triple etc.

Some plants for bees there are many many more:

  • anise hyssop
  • dahlia (single flower)
  • heather
  • scabious
  • comfrey
  • tomatoes
  • golden rod
  • mullein (the flowers and leaves are very good for bad coughs)
  • marigold
  • sweet alyssum
  • thyme
  • nasturtium
  • wallflowers
  • candytuft
  • lavender
  • chives
  • geranium
  • primrose
  • verbena