know your honeys – read the labels and research the ingredients

Just back from India and was at the supermarket when i saw a lovely jar with a pic of a hive and thought that could be a nice shape jar for my honeys. So picked it up to see what type of honey the ingredients said 90% syrup 10% honey.  So not real honey more like a con / scam trying to make people think that they are buying the real mccoy at a cheap price. Marketers and companies are very clever knowing people will not always look at the ingredients but at a nice squarish solid jar and the image of the hive on the label. Many people have complained to me that my honey is too expensive and does not taste like honey but when i ask them what they normally buy guess what it is the corn syrup eitheehr 100% with image of a hive or the one with 10% honey.

Mostly the syrup is corn syrup which studies have shown are key factors in obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease and heart disease.

commercial honey – heated to 70° and often blended with sugar

commercial raw honey – between 10-30% raw honey and rest blended with commercial honey and/or sugar

remember you get what you pay for