breathlessness and raw honey

My mum just came back from india, almost two months there and then from there she went off to Australia for three weeks. Her return flight from Sydney to Glasgow was 30hrs though she did stop off at abu dhabi and dublin for an hour and half each.  When she returned home I noticed that whenever she was walking even a small distance she kept getting breathless, mum is Alhumdullilah 86. So I immediately starting giving her a teaspoon of honey in the morning and evening and this is her second week here and have put it down to 1 teaspoon of honey. Within two days I noticed that her breathlessness has gone even when walking a short distance. Will keep giving her a teaspoon for her health, good thing she likes honey. I couldn’t remember which honey I gave her initially as we have several open so just gave her whatever I took out from the cupboard. Better than mum taking some medicine which may give her side effects.

Have been reading about how so many people who fly get chest infections, flu, colds and other airborne diseases hence me instantly giving mum raw honey as it is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and tastes great too.

Also spoke to a customer a week ago who said that since he had started taking honey every day has not had a cold but it is the long term intake that he found helps him not just taking it when you have a cold.