Ginger Shots

Last month we decided to make ginger shots for those who don’t really like honey and need to boost their immunity and also for those who have a sore throat.  We have two varieties original, and kalonji powder.  Both have their unique taste and all hit the back of your throat.  Ginger and lemon have always been used for centuries with honey as a cold and flu remedy and as we are in that season decided we will make our own remedy used by ourselves and family and friends.

Two days ago we received two calls from two different customers saying that they had had a sore throat and had taken the ginger shot before going to bed and when asked how much they said 1 tablespoon.  They said it hit the back of their throat, and by the way it was delicious, and when they woke in the morning their sore throat was gone. Woohoo that is great news to hear.  Advised them to take it for another three or four days and once the jar is open to put into the fridge or in a cold cupboard the jar of ginger shots will last 6 months.

As the honey has lemon juice and ginger in it needs to kept in the fridge – this is the only time honey should be kept in a fridge.